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The latest on Ex’tax

Ex'tax paper translated in Chinese

Ex'tax in Costa Rica

Ex'tax in Dhaka, Bangladesh

Case Study: Finland

Ex'tax webinar Pakistan

Ex'tax goes Davos

Invitation: Tax as a force for good

Ex’tax report at European Parliament

ACCA insight report by Ex'tax

Carbon-pricing in Canada

Femke in Dutch Sustainable 100

IPCC points out the benefits of a tax shift

Ex'tax Workshop Helsinki

Interview Café Weltschmerz

Ex'tax in Costa Rica

Magazine Dutch Tax Advisors

Rise of the Machines: Who will pay tax in future?

ABN AMRO bank on the tax shift

Ex'tax at OECD Forum

(39:08-44:28 and 1:10:30-1:11:51and quotes from the event.


Ex'tax at Accountancy Europe Tax Day

Tax & circular economy blog

Tax & the SDGs (blog)

Broad coalition calls for tax shift

Ex'tax on Dutch Radio

Press release

Groundbreaking new study

News update

Prince Carlos on Dutch television

Femke in Sustainable Top 100

France to adopt carbon pricing

Ex'tax 'iconic circular project'

Ex'tax in Trade Mission Booklet

New Board Member

Speech at TEDxUtrecht

The Ex'tax Project Update

The Social Power of the Circular Economy

IMF Recommends Tax Shift

EU Video on Smart Taxation

Femke in Sustainable 100

Ex'tax on Volkskrant.nl

Belgium adopts €7.2 bln tax shift

Businesses want carbon pricing

Support in Dutch newspaper

Ex'tax in EU Parliament Resolution

Ex'tax in EU Parliament Resolution

Ex'tax in Club of Rome Report

Ex'tax at WBCSD meeting

Blog on Amsterdam CityLife website (in Dutch)

Public hearing House of Repr. II

Support in Dutch newspaper

Ex'tax in House of Representatives

Ex'tax on HuffPo part II

Review by prof. em. Leo Stevens

Ground-breaking Ex'tax report

New era. New plan. (2014)

CEO Interface supports Ex'tax

Ex'tax on Huffington Post

Femke in Sustainable Top 100

Worldwide support carbon pricing

Eurogroup in favor of tax shift

Tax magazine features Ex'tax

Droog design new partner

Mr Bill Gates on Ex'tax

Ex'tax on Dutch Television

Start Foundation on Ex'tax

Ex'tax on 'De Correspondent'

Dutch Finance Minister on Ex'tax

Interview in PM Public Mission

IMF recommends Ex'tax

Interview in P+ magazine

Businesses prepared to pay price on carbon

EU Parliament recommends Ex’tax

Ex'tax at Accenture Innovation Lab

Impact of Ex'tax on business: survey

Femke in Sustainable Top 100

UK: the first country to set legally binding carbon budgets

Ex'tax on Dutch Radio

Ex'tax funded by DOEN

Ex'tax at Future of Reporting Event

Ex'tax on Forbes.com

Sustainability reporting: the situation 20 years after Eckart Wintzens BSO

Disney, Microsoft and Shell opt for self-imposed carbon emissions taxes

IMF report: 'Start taxing, stop subsidizing carbon'

The First Integrated Annual Report

Sijbesma (DSM) on Ex'tax

European Commission on Ex'tax

Ex'tax in EU Manifesto

European Parliament adopts resolution for tax reform

Ex'tax at 'Het Discours' (Nyenrode)

Tuesday, November 19th, Femke Groothuis presented Ex'tax to a group of distinguished guests from 'Het Discours'.

Ex'tax in Dutch Elections

Election debate features Ex'tax

Specialists from major parties discuss 'green' economy

Dutch political parties on Ex'tax

An inventory of the 2010 election programs

Solutions Journal Features Ex'tax

Ex’tax Workgroup Deloitte, Ernst & Young, KPMG Meijburg, PwC

A group of tax specialists from both Deloitte, Ernst & Young, KPMG Meijburg and PwC is exploring how Ex'tax could be implemented.

Resources and scarcity - a selection of news from Dutch media

Illustrating the need for reform

Dutch unemployment on the rise

A selection of news from Dutch newspapers

Illegal waste trafficking fast growing area of organised crime

Warning by Europol

WEF: 900 million jobs needed in next decade

Youth unemployment a huge problem

Ex’tax meets the Supperclub

Ex'tax at Ernst & Young event

Presentation at Tax Matters! Women and Taxes

UNEP: recycling rates often below 1%

Recycling rates are fare below their potential

Photo series on ‘Blood Coltan’

Materials needed to make mobile phones fuel civil conflicts in the Congo

PwC: businesses lack policy for resource scarcity

Dutch Sustainability Monitor assesses how 208 businesses deal with scarcity

Ex’tax in Delta Lloyd Q magazine

‘On Tax and Toasters’

Electronic Waste [Infographic]

E-waste visualized

Afghanistan mining will not solve resource scarcity

‘There are too many ‘if’s’

Nobel Prize winner: world runs out of Helium

Prices are artificially low

US extraction of billions worth of minerals, no royalties paid

The American tax payer looses out

Avatar-like mining disaster in India

Part of an intensifying struggle for minerals

European worries over resource import dependence

'The major part of the solution is on our own backyards'

Discussion on labour taxes

A meeting organized by Stichting Prohef

Video: Femke at Veerstichting Symposium

Presenting Ex’tax to an audience of 500

Femke speaker at Brussels Climate Cafe

A meeting organized by MEP Judith Merkies

Ex'tax presentation on Sustainability Day

A network meeting of Dutch entrepreneurs in the Alphen region

Interview in Dutch Newspaper Trouw

’Goedkope arbeid, dure grondstof’

Prince Carlos supports Ex’tax at Innovation Conference

Ex'tax a 'great example of sustainability thinking in The Netherlands’

Expert Round Table on Raw Materials, Sept 28, 2010

Initiative of MEP Judith Merkies

Ex'tax at Springtij Festival, September 30, 2010

A 4-day working conference for sustainability experts

Femke speaker at VeerStichting symposium, October 7, 2010

VET to be presented to an audience of 500

Femke to present Ex'tax at Bioneers Global, May 30, 2010

The first Bioneers event outside the USA on ‘innovation and leadership inspired by nature’

Femke speaker at Rotary Club Amsterdam International, March 1, 2010

Part of a lecture series on change

Femke speaker at Fair & Green Deal Conference, January 21, 2010

VET considered a useful economic alternative