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The latest on Ex’tax

UNEP: recycling rates often below 1%

Recycling rates are fare below their potential

Photo series on ‘Blood Coltan’

Materials needed to make mobile phones fuel civil conflicts in the Congo

PwC: businesses lack policy for resource scarcity

Dutch Sustainability Monitor assesses how 208 businesses deal with scarcity

Ex’tax in Delta Lloyd Q magazine

‘On Tax and Toasters’

Electronic Waste [Infographic]

E-waste visualized

Afghanistan mining will not solve resource scarcity

‘There are too many ‘if’s’

Nobel Prize winner: world runs out of Helium

Prices are artificially low

US extraction of billions worth of minerals, no royalties paid

The American tax payer looses out

Avatar-like mining disaster in India

Part of an intensifying struggle for minerals

European worries over resource import dependence

'The major part of the solution is on our own backyards'

Discussion on labour taxes

A meeting organized by Stichting Prohef