CEO Interface supports Ex'tax

4 Nov 2014

The Dutch government is currently looking into ways to lower labour taxes, in a bid to solve unemployment. October 31, Rob Boogaard, CEO of Interface, in an open letter, called for government to consider shifting taxes from labour to natural resource use. Such tax shift, he argues, is a prerequisite for the circular economy.

Interface is global market leader in modular carpet tiles. The company has an annual turnover of € 1 billion. The founder of Interface, Ray Anderson, was one of the pioneers in sustainable entrepreneurship. In the 1990s he put the company on a trajectory towards transformation, ultimately leading to a net positive environmental impact by 2020.

Interface is in full preparation for the circular economy. The company has developed the necessary technology to recycle carpet tiles, provides full environmental dislosure of its products and has reached the milestone of closed loop water usage in its plant in The Netherlands.


The article below appeared in Dutch newspaper Het Financieele Dagblad.