Droog design new partner

19 Jun 2014

The internationally renowned Dutch design label Droog is joining our cause to shift taxes from labour to natural resources. 

We are proud to team up with Droog, as design plays a key role in unveiling the full potential of the circular economy, and in developing new materials and techniques that will shape the world.

Designers like Lenneke Langenhuijsen, Marjan van Aubel, Eric Klarenbeek and Elisa van Joolen have already explored  this new world of opportunities. The ‘Wasted Matter’ exhibition in the Droog Gallery shows the materials they use: textile made of tree bark, furniture out of leftover sawdust, a chair of growing mycelium, shoes made of sneaker samples and flip-flop soles.

June 26, Hotel Droog will host a public event 'Material ♥ Tax', and you're kindly invited to join the discussion! You will find the event details here, and on Facebook.



How material scarcity drives innovation

At the 2012 Salone del Mobile in Milan, Droog Lab first presented a future furniture fair called 'Material Matters'. The fair brought together existing, emerging and speculative initiatives and presented them as future companies imagined by Droog Lab and TD (the design duo Theo Deutinger and Dario Marino)

Material Matters was inspired by the idea of an alternative economy stimulated by a change in tax policy (a proposed material tax). The aim was to stimulate designers to develop business models urged by material scarcity, and to broaden discussions on the future of our material culture. 

During the Salone del Mobile in 2013 an imaginary news broadcast (Material Matters Media) was presented to raise issues related to material scarcity. The video features innovative responses by imaginary future companies including clothes made from bacteria, 3d sand printing, chairs made of plastic soup, reverse grafiti and many other creative ways to deal with material scarcity such as a cow dung packaging system, textiles made of milk, jewelry made of human hair, and a company that trains crows to collect waste.

As part of the 2014 Shenzhen Bi-City Biennale of Urbanism/Architecture, Droog Lab and TD showed SZHKSMZ (Shenzhen Hong Kong Special Material Zone); an 'imaginary' shopping mall of 'imaginary' brands on the same theme.

Design Column #7 ‘Wasted Matter’ is on view at the Droog Gallery from 21 May to 29 June 2014, showcasing the view of young designers on our current use and waste of resources.