Expert Round Table on Raw Materials, Sept 28, 2010

29 Sep 2010

Femke Groothuis was invited to the expert meeting on recycling organized by Judith Merkies (Member of the European Parliament) and FairPolitics, September 28.

The meeting brought together policy makers from the European Commission, NGOs, business and experts. Topics included raw materials efficiency and recycling. The question was raised: ‘What needs to be done to increase recycling and/or re-use of raw materials?’.

The concept of Value Extracted Tax (Ex’tax) was met with approval by a number of participants. There was general consent that high labour costs discourage the collection and repairing of products as well as recycling and re-use of materials, as these are labour-intensive activities.

Lowering tax on labour while increasing tax on primary resources is crucial for a transition to resource efficiency. Europe is the continent most dependent on imports of materials and ‘resource intelligence‘ is to become top priority in the EU.

This was the third in a series of round tables hosted by Judith Merkies, who is dedicated to improve policy making on resources.