Ex'tax in House of Representatives

19 Feb 2015

In September, 2014, the Dutch State Secretary for Finance announced the ambition to fundamentally review the tax system. Mr. Wiebes wrote:

[translated] "Our tax system is very distortive, which has a negative impact on jobs and economic growth. The cabinet wishes to use this fundamental revision to increase employment".* 

The Ex'tax Project has been invited to participate in a public hearing of the House of Representatives in March this year.

We're very excited to join the conversation and to put forward the need for a fundamental shift in taxes from labour to natural resource use and consumption.

*[In Dutch:] "Ons belastingstelsel werkt sterk verstorend en dat kost banen en economische groei. Het kabinet wil deze stelselherziening benutten om de werkgelegenheid te bevorderen".