Ex'tax on Huffington Post

20 Oct 2014

I's an honor to announce that, in cooperation with Sir Richard Branson's B Team, this story was published on the Huffington Post: 

How Taxes Can Save the World

By: Femke Groothuis

Our tax system is in desperate need of an update. The use of natural resources (such as water, fuels, metals and minerals) is now almost tax-free and therefore unrestrained. Labor, on the other hand, is being taxed at high rates. This system was designed for a linear (take-make-waste) economy. But we have entered a new era; one that requires an inclusive, circular economy. Many labor-intensive business models are needed, including repair, urban mining, innovation, and redesign of products and services. Adapting the architecture of our fiscal system is vital for the emergence of a circular economy.

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