Prince Carlos supports Ex’tax at Innovation Conference

28 Oct 2010

Last Thursday, Prince Carlos de Bourbon held a speech at the 50th anniversary of the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands. The Prince mentioned Ex’tax (previously: ‘VET’) as one of the flagship ideas being developed in the Netherlands towards structural change in the area of sustainability.

The Royal Gala Evening and Innovation & Sustainability Conference were private events. In the audience were Willem-Alexander, Crown Prince of the Netherlands and Victoria, Crown Princess of Sweden. The business community was represented by, amongst others, the CEOs of Ikea and Volvo Cars.

Prince Carlos is a strong supporter of Ex’tax. He is convinced that a shift of taxation from labour to resources is a necessary change of our economic system. ‘Ex’tax will open our eyes to a new kind of prosperity. A prosperity based on clever resource use and abundance of services.’