Sijbesma (DSM) on Ex'tax

5 Feb 2013

In the Guardian, Feike Sijbesma (CEO of Royal DSM) calls for new legal and accounting rules to change the role of business in society. The tax system, he argues, plays an important role in the process of value creation:

"value creation (or destruction) on people and the planet must be anchored in the overall valuation of companies. One approach might be to introduce differentiated tax regimes depending on companies' performance or contribution to the ecology or society. 

A logical complement to such an approach would be to consider increased taxation on the use of scarce resources, while diminishing taxes on labour. This would help to tackle the scourge of unemployment and could make it easier to create jobs for older people as well as in certain services that society wants but that have become nearly unaffordable"

At The Ex'tax Project we are proud that we have such a passionate embassador for the Ex'tax principles.

The Guardian: Redesigning our economic system is not just about business ethics 

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