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A sustainable economy? #joinEXtax to bring tax on resources up, and tax on labour down. http://www.ex-tax.com

This is what others say

  • Shifting taxes away from labour should be a priority for all Member States.

    European Commission - Read full quote
  • Member States need to consider fiscal measures in support of sustainable resource use such as shifting taxation away from labour towards pollution

    EU Parliament - Read full quote
  • broad-based charges like a carbon tax, are the most effective instruments for reducing emissions throughout the economy

    International Monetary Fund - Read full quote
  • revenues from taxing polluters can be used to reduce taxes on labour, which can lead to higher labour demand and higher employment

    International Labour Organization - Read full quote
  • If governments are serious in their fight against climate change, the core message of this reform must be that the cost of CO2 emissions will gradually increase

    OECD - Read full quote
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