Resource Intelligent Europe MEP/MP network

‘… new legislation on resource efficiency will need to be paralleled by an Ecological Tax Reform/Value Extracted Tax on Resources:
- reducing taxes on labour and increasing taxes on use of virgin materials etc;
- supporting a paradigm shift from labour to resource productivity’

‘We need nothing less than a paradigm shift. Since the 1st industrial revolution, all efforts have been geared towards increasing the productivity of the labour factor, given that labour was scarce and nature abundant. Today, the picture has shifted to a situation, where labour is abundant, while natural resources are becoming scarce. Therefore, the efforts now have to be geared towards increasing resource productivity.‘

From:  The RIE Declaration “Resource Intelligent Europe” a MEP/MP network to promote global ecological system thinking and to help EU institutions design policies to bring the EU economy back to its ecological limits.

Initiated by
Judith Merkies, MEP S&D, Netherlands
Sirpa Pietikäinen, MEP EPP, Finland, GLOBE EU President
Claude Turmes, MEP Green, Luxembourg, Davos World Resource Forum Board Member
Anders Wijkman, former MEP EPP, Sweden, Club of Rome Board Member

(European Parliament, 21 September, 2010)

- in dialogue with The Bee Group, a progressive corporate think tank under the patronage of parliamentary network GLOBE EU.