The Club of Rome Global Assembly

‘To move society towards sustainability – both socially and ecologically – would require a tax shift, lowering taxes on work and increasing taxes primarily on the consumption of non-renewable resources. Such a tax shift would accelerate the transition to a circular economy, which is low carbon and resource-efficient in nature.’

Club of Rome, Wijkman, A. and Skånberg, K.(2016), The Circular Economy and Benefits for Society. Accessed 4 November 2018.


‘Government and business must realize that climate change mitigation and the protection of oceans and terrestrial ecosystems require drastic changes in the use of natural resources.

Targets for resource efficiency must be introduced, supported by tax reform, which should increase taxes on the use of resources and lower taxes on labour.’

From: the Amsterdam Declaration of the Global Assembly of the Club of Rome (October 27, 2009).