Circular Tax Survey

Current tax systems are aligned with the linear economy: labour taxes are high, while pollution and natural resource are hardly taxed. The Ex’tax Project, studies a taxshift from labour to pollution and the use of natural resources, which would align tax systems with an inclusive, circular economy.
An increasing number of entrepreneurs and companies in the world are developing sustainable and circular business models or are already offering circular products and services. Their insights on how the tax system impacts their business are of great importance to The Ex’tax Project studies.
To collect their input, a 5 minute survey is launched, The results of the survey will be included in a new study that will be published later this year: ‘The Taxshift. An EU fiscal strategy to support the inclusive circular economy’.


Entrepreneurs and managers are kindly invited to fill out the survey. The answers will be processed anonymously.


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The opportunities of a Taxshift for the EU.
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