New study (Dutch) shows taxshift can accelerate transition to circular construction industry

Copper8, a B-Corp consultancy & research company in The Netherlands, published a new into tax shifting in construction: ‘Building fair taxes: how a taxshift can accelerate the transition to circular construction industry’. The report describes the extent to which a tax shift helps to dampen the additional costs of circular construction, which could make it a sustainable solution for the major (housing) construction challenge we are facing in the Netherlands.

The Ex’tax Project proudly contributed to this study, because research like this helps to understand the opportunities the taxshift offers to specific industries.

The study examined the added value and additional costs of circular construction at four pavilions at the Floriade 2022 (Natural Pavilion, Circuloco, The Voice of Urban Nature, The growing pavilion,UAE Salt Water Cities).

Some insights:

  • More than 80% environmental benefit with circular construction based on environmental costs.
  • Circular construction leads to more job satisfaction and pride, among other things because working with reused materials requires more craftsmanship.
  • The additional costs in circular construction largely lie in increased labour.
  • A tax shift helps to make circular construction more economically attractive.

This study was made possible by the Goldschmeding Foundation and is a collaboration with Arcadis, Price, Superuse, Het Groene Brein and The Ex’tax Project.