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This is what others say

  • Shifting taxes away from labour should be a priority for all Member States.

    European Commission Read full quote
  • (..) offsetting increased carbon prices with lower labour taxes can potentially decrease labour costs (without affecting salaries), enhance employment and reduce the attractiveness of informal economic activity.

    Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Read full quote
  • Member States need to consider fiscal measures in support of sustainable resource use such as shifting taxation away from labour towards pollution

    EU Parliament Read full quote
  • broad-based charges like a carbon tax, are the most effective instruments for reducing emissions throughout the economy

    International Monetary Fund Read full quote
  • revenues from taxing polluters can be used to reduce taxes on labour, which can lead to higher labour demand and higher employment

    International Labour Organization Read full quote
  • If governments are serious in their fight against climate change, the core message of this reform must be that the cost of CO2 emissions will gradually increase

    OECD Read full quote
  • taxation affects the viability of recycling

    UNEP Read full quote
  • A high tax burden on labour is an impediment to the objective of supporting economic activity and increasing employment.

    Eurogroup Read full quote
  • Introduce differentiated tax regimes depending on companies' performance or contribution on the ecological or societal axis

    Feike Sijbesma (CEO Royal DSM) Read full quote
  • Tax strategies shift towards incentivizing job creation and healthier products and discouraging negative external factors like pollution and environmental damage

    WBCSD Read full quote
  • adjusting the fiscal framework is the most fundamental and urgent pre-requisite for approaching a sustainable future

    The World Resources Forum Read full quote
  • Carbon pricing offers a potential “double dividend” by providing both environmental benefits and the possibility of reducing more distortionary taxes (such as those on labor or capital) by recycling carbon revenues.

    World Bank Read full quote
  • Shifting taxes from labour to finite resources could level the playing field for more labour-intensive, but less resource-intensive practices. This creates jobs, while saving resources.

    The Ellen MacArthur Foundation Read full quote
  • An obvious starting point is to switch from taxing labour to taxing the use of non-renewable resources

    Kate Raworth (Economist) Read full quote
  • ... tax bad things (like pollution), rather than good things (like work); design taxes to cause the least possible distortion in the economy; and maintain a progressive rate structure, with richer individuals paying a larger share of their income.

    Joseph Stiglitz Read full quote
  • recycling carbon tax revenues may generate a double dividend: fostering the transition toward decarbonization while simultaneously promoting economic growth and social development

    CPLC (Carbon Pricing Leadership Coalition) Read full quote
  • increase taxes on the use of resources and lower taxes on labour

    The Club of Rome Global Assembly Read full quote
  • for ‘growth that ensures freedom of entrepreneurship without depleting the planet’s resources'

    Eckart Wintzen (Entrepreneur) Read full quote
  • Given the structural challenges in many labour markets, there is a mounting case for considering more radical fiscal approaches such as shifting taxation away from income (especially on incomes below the median income line) towards resources, carbon pollution and land.

    Business and Development Commisison Read full quote
  • Better Growth, Better Climate recommends that governments introduce strong, predictable and rising carbon prices as part of fiscal reform strategies, prioritising the use of the revenues to offset impacts on low-income households or to finance reductions in other, distortionary taxes.

    The New Climate Economy Read full quote
  • 'a revenue-neutral carbon tax would benefit all Americans'

    George Shultz (former US secretary of state) and Gary Becker (1992 Nobel laureate in economics) Read full quote
  • a great example of a necessary fundamental change

    Prince Carlos de Bourbon de Parme Read full quote
  • Transferring the tax burden also makes possible to preserve and increase employment levels, while at the same time stimulating technological innovation in the recycling industry itself.

    Ministry for the Environment of Italy Read full quote
  • tax bads, not goods

    Herman E. Daly (Ecological Economist) Read full quote
  • green tax shifts provide flexibility to achieve difficult political and economic goals while contributing to a cleaner environment

    Gilbert E. Metcalf (Professor of Economics) Read full quote
  • replace distortionary taxes on ‘goods’ such as labour with taxes on economic ‘bads’ such as inefficient resource use

    European Environment Agency Read full quote
  • shifting taxes towards resources creates powerful incentives to use fewer resources while creating employment opportunities

    Paul Hawken, Amory Lovins, L. Hunter Lovins Read full quote
  • the closest thing to a free lunch that economics has to offer’

    Gregory Mankiw (Professor of Economics at Harvard) Read full quote
  • instead of discouraging businesses from hiring more employees, it would discourage business from producing more pollution

    Al Gore (American Politician) Read full quote
  • The economically rational mix for the input of labour, capital and material/energy must be shifted toward more work while reducing the input of natural resources.

    Prof. Dr. Friedrich Schmidt-Bleek (Factor 10 Institute) Read full quote
  • a win-win-win situation

    Lester Brown (Pioneer Environmentalist) Read full quote
  • taxes on renewable resources including work—human labour—should be re-thought

    Walter Stahel (Co-ideator Circular Economy) Read full quote
  • pay as you burn, not pay as you earn

    The UK Green Fiscal Commission Read full quote
  • What we need is an in-depth overhaul (…) higher tax on pollution, a lower tax on labour.

    Nicolas Sarkozy Read full quote
  • we need nothing less than a paradigm shift

    Resource Intelligent Europe MEP/MP network Read full quote
  • [belastingverschuiving] zal leiden tot verhoging van de arbeidsparticipatie … én stimulering van de eco-efficiëntie

    De Groene Zaak Read full quote
  • on green taxes

    Jan Kees de Jager, Dutch Minister of Finance Read full quote
  • € 8 billion in green tax proposals

    CE Delft Read full quote
  • Arbeid is een gratis energiebron. Niemand ondervindt daar schade van die met belastinggeld gecompenseerd moet worden. Je moet belasting op grondstoffen heffen.

    Thomas Rau Read full quote