Carbon-pricing in Canada

7 Nov 2018

A price on carbon pollution is an essential part of Canada’s plan to fight climate change and grow the economy.

That’s why, in 2016, the Prime Minister of Canada gave provinces and territories the flexibility to develop their own carbon pollution pricing system. Nine out of the thirteen provinces and territories implemented their own federal pollution pricing system, but now the remaining four provinces – Ontario, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and New Brunswick – also need to recognize the cost of pollution. In these four remaining provinces a carbon tax will be enforced in 2019.

The revenues of these collections will go directly back to people in these provinces. Households will receive a Climate Action Incentive, which will give most families more than they pay under the new system.

Bringing up tax on pollution, while lowering tax for people, is in line with the Ex’tax principles.
Ex’tax will closely follow the progress and results of this carbon tax plan as we have the same interests.