Magazine Dutch Tax Advisors

7 Feb 2018

The Dutch Association of Tax Advisers published an interview on Ex’tax in their magazine Orde. The issue focusses on ‘alternative tax systems’ under guest editor Fred van Horzen (KPMG Meijburg & co).

In the article [pdf] Femke Groothuis of Ex’tax argues that our fiscal systems are outdated and unsuitable for the challenges of our time. High taxes on labour currently inhibit the deployment of labour- and knowledge intensive business model while low taxes on natural resource use facilitate overconsumption and pollution.

Other interviewees are Sybren Cnossen (CPB Netherlands Bureau for Economic Policy Analysis, Professor at University of Pretoria) and Ewald Engelen (Professor of Financial Geography at University of Amsterdam).

The Dutch Association of Tax Advisers has over 4,900 members including 600 corporate tax advisers.

Nederlandse Orde van Belastingadviseurs, Orde, November 2017, Jaargang 5 nummer 3, pagina 11-13. [pdf]Orde_nov_2017_interview_Femke_Groothuis_Extax.png